Sparkles Car Wash

Fleet Washes

We can provide your business or government agency with a customized wash package to meet your business needs by tracking and managing your fleet of vehicles and saving you time and money. Good for realtors, government agencies, tradesmen, servicemen, car sales, florists, construction companies and many more. With our fleet program, your company vehicles can ALWAYS present a CLEAN IMAGE!

Set up is quick and easy

Innovative, high-tech equipment

Convenient Location

Automated Pay Station

Bilingual Automated Teller Pay Stations

Detailed Monthly Billing/Statements with accounts due in full by the 15th of the month

Receive a card for each individual employee or department.

Employee Tracking with Fleet cards which have specific tracking numbers

Open 7 days a week

Costs nothing to join

Drop us a note with comments and any questions. Let us know if anything is in need of attention or not working.